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Every year in March, the Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day is held. This day, which aims to highlight and recognize the work of our front-line employees, was celebrated by offering everyone a sweet surprise.

For the occasion, we gave out a small box of fine chocolates made by Chocolat Boréal; a company located in Montreal and founded in 2017 by chocolate chef Ludovic Fresse. A box of four (4) delicious chocolates was given to our bus drivers, train operators, mechanics, bodybuilders and other employees who work on the maintenance of the vehicles, as well as to our planning and control teams and our corporate personnel in Quebec and Ontario.

The distribution of these little treats began very early in the morning, before the first departures of some drivers. Supervisors, managers and our vice-president of operations in Quebec were there to hand out the boxes of chocolates with the Keolis brand on them and to thank each and every employee for their hard work and commitment.

Thank you all for your everyday contribution to the success of Keolis!